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Sunn Stream History

Sunn Classic Pictures was founded in 1971 in Park City, Utah as a motion picture production and distribution company. Raylon Jensen founded the company with help from the Schick Razor Company. Sunn specialized in family entertainment as evidenced by its 1974 film, The Life and Times of Grizzly Adams, starring Dan Haggerty, which led to three sequels and an NBC television series. One of Sunn’s most popular feature films was Cujo, released in 1983. Based on the book by Stephen King, Cujo was a rabid St. Bernard dog that terrorized a family. 


The original Sunn also produced documentaries, some of which were notable in their time. These included The Outer Space Connection, In Search of Noah’s Ark, The Lincoln Conspiracy and In Search of Historic Jesus. One of Sunn’s most iconic documentaries was the 1976’ mock-u-mentary’ entitled Bigfoot: The Mysterious Monster. The famous photo of Bigfoot in the wild (an image republished millions of times now) came from this movie. Sunn veterans have shared the inside joke that the basketball player wearing the costume was photographed just at the right angle to avoid seeing the zipper. 


In July of 1980 Sunn Classic was purchased by Taft Broadcasting, and it went through a number of corporate changes. It became known as Taft International Pictures and then Great American Broadcasting. By 1987, the business was defunct. Sunn Classic’s film library is now owned by Paramount Pictures.


Ron Rogers and Randy Slaughter, two original veterans of Sunn Classic Pictures, nostalgically brought the company back in the year 2000 by forming another Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc. in Utah. Then, in 2003 and in exchange for shares, they transferred their profit participation in the world-wide rights to Grizzly Adams into the newest Sunn Classic Pictures, Inc., a Wyoming corporation. This company, reformatted in 2020, now receives a small annual check from Paramount Pictures for the Grizzly Adams’ distribution rights. Ron Rogers is a member of the new Sunn Classic board of directors. 


Lang Elliott has been instrumental in bringing the new Sunn Classic forward. He has contributed The Prize Fighter video rights to the company, a movie Mr. Elliott directed and produced featuring Tim Conway and Don Knotts. 


In 2020, Mr. Elliot recruited attorney and investor Garrett Zook Sutton to pursue the further development of Sunn’s distribution channels. In 2022, it became apparent the two separate business entities were needed to maximize the full range of opportunities. Accordingly, Sunn Stream Productions, Inc., a Nevada corporation, was founded to pursue the business model of streaming, distribution and production. Sunn Classic Pictures continues to focus on traditional distribution. The two sister companies, born of the original Sunn Classic Pictures, will work together to create, distribute and stream quality entertainment. 


We here at Sunn Stream do not allow AI-generated scripts on our platform. We believe in human creativity over machine-created content. To that end, 15% of our net profits go to The Brain Freedom Fund, Inc., a 501c3 charity dedicated to fighting for human rights against the onslaught of artificial human intelligence. Enjoy original and licensed content written by humans, not machines, on Sunn Stream.


Sunn Stream has produced a new feature length documentary on Max Patkin, known to generations as the Clown Prince of Baseball, and who appeared as himself in the classic baseball movie Bull Durham. The documentary is being produced by Greg DeHart, an Emmy award-winning documentarian and a member of the Sunn Stream board of directors. Max Patkin: The Clown Prince of Baseball will premiere exclusively on Sunn Stream on baseball’s Opening Day, March 28, 2024.


Greg DeHart is also producing for Sunn Stream Symphony of the Holocaust, a haunting documentary of music and resilience that will have its world premiere in January, 2024.


Sunn Stream is further producing a third documentary in Chile. The Lost Grape tells the incredible story of the carmenere grape, thought to be extinct for one hundred years, that was rediscovered in Chile in 1994. While initially a shock, the Chilean wine industry has turned carmenere into their signature grape. It is a terrific story.


Actor Branscombe Richmond is the Chairman of Sunn Stream’s board of directors. In May of 2023, Branscombe led the production of Kangaroo Kids, a feature length kids’ movie filed in Kentucky. Kangaroo Kids will premiere on Sunn Stream on Christmas Day. Sunn Stream is also producing original content benefitting children’s education. Included are shows on The History of Money for Kids, Gold and Silver for Kids as well as The U.S. Constitution for Kids.


Branscombe Richmond has also produced a ten-episode horror talk show called Scare the Freckles Off Your Face which airs exclusively on Sunn Stream, along with scores of campy and righteous horror flicks. We also have music and westerns and outdoor adventure.


So come join the funn. Subscribe to Sunn Stream today.

The History of Sunn Stream

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